Finally, an attorney who puts his clients first.

I am a bankruptcy attorney who remembers his clients. I run a small firm in Richmond, Virginia, which is how I maintain a personal relationship while I work on your case. My priority is giving my clients a feeling of relief.

—Stephen L. Flores

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Here’s how I help


When creditors take you to court, it puts you at risk for garnishments and negatively impacts your credit for years. Let Flores Law help before that happens.


Creditors can take up to 25% of your gross paycheck. Flores Law can help you make that go away.


You’ve worked for years to build a home for you and your family. Don’t let a few unfortunate months ruin that. Flores Law can help you keep your house.


Losing your transportation impacts every aspect of your life. At Flores Law, we can help you keep your vehicle or, if necessary, help get it returned.

Medical Debts

Your insurance company has let you down and medical bills are piling up. Flores Law can help you get back on track.

Credit Card Debt

It can take years to pay off credit card debt. Flores Law can help you get a fresh start today.

Here’s what I offer

Chapter 7

Cancel most of your debts and stop creditor actions.

Chapter 13

Simplify your debt and stop creditor harassment.

Increase your credit score by filing today.

While filing for bankruptcy may lower your score, the truth is that in most cases your post-filing score can increase.

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